4 Tracks, 20 sessions – MarkeTech 2023

4 Tracks, 20 sessions – MarkeTech 2023

While MarkeTech may look different, the conference still focuses primarily on business development, growth, leadership, marketing, social media, and other scalable skills for your business while bringing in additional community based growth models like agritourism and adventure travel. MarkeTech 2023 will feature four tracks in this year’s conference including: Agritourism + Adventure Travel, Social Media, Marketing, and Business Growth and Resources. Each track is unique and will feature presenters that are experts in the field. 

MarkeTech will continue to feature sessions on marketing tactics that get results. The Marketing and Social Media track will cover all attendees need to know about the future of marketing and social media including things like current trends, video creation, content planning, and creating an effective website that converts! Attendees for this session can include business owners (large and small), social media strategist, and marketing specialist.

Business Growth and Resources is a veteran track for MarkeTech and will continue to provide the guiding light for attendees with leadership, scaling your business, how to elevate eCommerce, and thinking outside the box. Attendees for these sessions may include business owners (large and small), business managers, and product specialists. 

The Agritourism track will look at how to collaborate and build local growth in communities through partnerships. Attendees will explore things like restaurants 101, how to utilize food and beverage sales to turn profit, and alternative lodging platforms that are available. Attendees who will attend these sessions most likely work in nonprofits, for community builders, or for local Chambers of Commerce. 

The Adventure Travel track will explore the local outdoors and help attendees to build, maintain, and elevate adventure travel within their own community. Think whitewater parks or hike trails! Attendees will be able to identify scalable outdoor opportunities for their local communities and learn first steps to starting an adventure project. Attendees for this session most likely work in parks, recreation, or community planning sectors.

Register today for MarkeTech 2023 on March 1-2, 2023! Space is limited and you don’t want to miss this! To register now for tickets and exhibitor booths, visit marketechconference.com.


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