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8 Mistakes eCommerce Business Owners Make & How to Fix Them

How to Livestream Your Business to New Customers

This training webinar will cover 8 mistakes I’ve seen e-commerce business owners make when building their business. We’ll go over why these are important and how to fix them. No matter your background knowledge, you’ll be able to take away some useful ideas for your business. We won’t dive too far into technical things (although we may dabble), and instead we’ll focus more on some overarching qualities that can determine the success of your store/business.

In addition to the 8 mistakes, this webinar will cover these 3 main ideas:

1. If you build it, they will come is the WRONG mindset for e-commerce.

2. What the must-have elements are for your online store.

3. The keys to building a solid foundation so you can grow from there.

DATE: August 26th

TIME: Noon – 1:00 p.m. CST

LOCATION: Live Stream

COST: Free! Must register to receive call-in details and recording.

This webinar is presented by Stacy Tamerius. Stacy loves helping people grow their small businesses – particularly in the e-commerce space. She has served as the Marketing Director for Nebraska Bison, a company which she helped build, since 2011. For most of those years she has also taken on selective freelance work helping others who want to launch or grow their online businesses.