Buzz Savories Has Success Over the Holidays with Gift Box Sets

Every year GROW Nebraska® tries to come up with new holiday gift box ideas. This year we teamed up with a few different members one of those businesses included Betty Sayers and Buzz Savories Honey Products! Buzz Savories has been a GROW Nebraska® member since 2019. Betty’s gift boxes were flying off the shelf this past holiday season! We couldn’t be more excited for the amazing opportunity this brought Betty and the GROW Nebraska® Buy Nebraska store.

Zoe Terry E-Commerce Marketing Specialist adds to this success that, “Market testing and launching is one of the primary benefits that GROW Nebraska® offers Nebraska businesses.  We are always looking for ways to help our members get more of the market share and become more profitable.”

Betty Sayers owner of Buzz Savories states her reason for doing this is, “I watched and studied the successes GROW Nebraska® realized from their gift promotions during the Christmas holiday in 2021.  In addition, Ag West, a corporation in Holdrege invited Buzz Savories to participate in their “Christmas in July” event, and the experience furthered my interest in gift sets.”

Betty goes on to say, “We sold 50 gift sets in December, and we are ramping up ads to showcase gift sets especially designed for Mother’s Day.  We designed a Honey Gift Set and a Spicy Beer Mustard, Buzz Savories Honey Mustard and our local honey gift sets including a “Recibees” book, a swizzler, and a beeswax candle in each with a coaster.”

Buzz Savories used these boxes as another way to add to all their social media platforms. For those who have not seen her gift boxes yet, they are a fun green color with the Buzz Savory logo. On the inside the has an elegant display of her products, along with a Recibees booklet. This is a fun way to showcase amazing ways to cook with her product! There were a couple of options to choose from but both options seemed to be a hit.

We would love to congratulate Betty for her success! If you are interested in creating a gift box set for the holidays give us a call! We would love to help you out! To support Betty in this venture or to check out her products visit the link below!

Shop Buzz Savories Here!

Give the store a call at: 308-338-3520

By Katee Daly

The GROW Nebraska® Foundation was founded with the idea of expanding resources to businesses and entrepreneurs alike to make a sustainable living anywhere within the state of Nebraska. As a 501(c) 3 educational foundation, the GROW Nebraska® Foundation was founded in 1998 and now works to extend resources, training, a brick and mortar store, as well as an eCommerce site full of Nebraska products to help elevate Nebraska-based businesses and connect Nebraska entrepreneurs to the global marketplace. Support or join GROW Nebraska® Foundation’s efforts by visiting  

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