Corporate Gift Baskets are Making Their Way Across the Nation

Corporate Gift Boxes are Making Their Way Across the Nation


The popularity of GROW Nebraska gift baskets is growing, and they aren’t just for holiday giving.

GROW Nebraska gift baskets make it easy for businesses to thank board members, employees, customers or donors. Companies are ordering GROW Nebraska gift baskets for retirement gifts, work anniversaries, birthdays and appreciation events all year long.

September 13-19 is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, and some companies ordered GROW Nebraska gift baskets for truckers.

Grand Island Express, a family-owned trucking company in Grand Island, ordered 75 GROW Nebraska gift baskets for its truckers and families. The baskets are themed as a “family snack box” and will include Sue’s Confection’s homemade marshmallows, Gold Dust kettle corn, Baker’s Candies, Lucky’s Teriyaki Jerky, chokecherry jelly, Ely Farm’s Pickled Asparagus and Mystic Rhoads Jamaican Spice.

Tammie Dimmitt, leader of human resources/benefits and driver retention for GIX, said the gift baskets benefit the company’s drivers and Nebraska businesses.

“We wanted to show appreciation for our drivers’ families for allowing their loved ones to be away from home to work at Grand Island Express,” Dimmitt said. “We wanted to share Nebraska items to allow them to see the great things that come straight from Nebraska and support the local businesses.”

Janell Anderson Ehrke, CEO for GROW Nebraska, said the trucker appreciation basket orders were the result of a GROW board member reaching out and presenting the idea to companies. She encourages all GROW Nebraska supporters and members to think of promoting the gift baskets in their every-day work.

Holiday GROW Nebraska gift basket orders are already starting to come in, so any anyone considering large quantities of holiday gift baskets is encouraged to order early, there are quantity discounts available.

Janell said GROW Nebraska staff work with members to determine wholesale and retail pricing, and that gift baskets are a great way to do a cost analysis. She also encouraged members to consider creating smaller packages or sample-sized products.

“If you normally sell a 7-ounce jelly, a 2-ounce jelly would be less expensive to ship,” she said.

Gift baskets can be ordered in any size or price range. The purchaser can select certain GROW products and themes or leave it up to the GROW staff to create. Pre-packaged gift baskets can be ordered on GROW’s Buy Nebraska site

For more information about GROW gift baskets or corporate giving opportunities, contact


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