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Did you win this year? A guide to end-of-year finances

How to Livestream Your Business to New Customers

As the year draws to a close, your finances are you scorecard. Did you win this year? Better yet: How do you figure out if you did?

Join Cory Morris of Morris Better Bookkeeping as he summarizes some key year-end activities you should be doing for your business, including:

  • Comparing your Profit and Loss for the last couple years
  • Meeting with your tax preparer before the end of the year
  • Assessing your balance sheet: the final score
Cory Morris

This webinar is presented by Cory Morris of Morris Better Bookkeeping. This is his philosophy:

“Your dollars are the words of your story. The story of your life or your business. I help people see the story they are writing for themselves. Every business owner has their own goals and dreams, but too often they become fears and nightmares. The business takes on a life of its own, and the owner doesn’t know how to get a handle on it, to reign it in. With clarity around the dollars, business owners can feel peace knowing they can weather then next downturn, or say “No” to that bad client. They feel joy again in their business, because they can focus on WHY they started the business. Their passion can once again be the driving force in the business.”