Deck Your Walls for Spring With Theesen’s Unique Digital Art


Deck Your Walls for Spring With Theesen’s Unique Digital Art

The unique artwork of Hastings artist Kent Theesen hangs on the walls of famous folks like former Husker Football Coach Tom Osborne and country singer Garth Brooks.

This month, shoppers at the Buy Nebraska store in Kearney can see Theesen’s work up close and have a chance to buy it as well. His digitally-enhanced photography is featured this month in GROW Nebraska’s Spotlight Display.

Theesen originally became interested in art by watching his mom “doodle” on the phone book as a child. He enjoyed art classes in elementary school and junior high. His creativity flourished in a different way after he earned a diploma in broadcast journalism from Brown Institute in Minneapolis.

He went on to a successful career in broadcasting at several stations, including KCOW in Alliance, KZKX 96 in Lincoln, KXKT The Kat in Omaha and at stations in Salt Lake City and Spain. He also had a side career as TV and film extra and has worked in more than 20 productions, including “Eagle Eye” and “Yes Man.”

Theesen is retired from his broadcasting career and lately has focused on writing and creating art with his business Tee-Sun Productions.

The Creative Process

Theesen enhances photos provided by various sources into unique pieces of art. He mainly starts the process with photographs, but sometimes he starts with photos of acrylic art that he has painted.

“When creating a piece of art, I have to say it is hard to describe how I do these pieces,” Theesen said. “I just let my mouse take control with a standard photo I have in my files and take it from there. I don’t really know what the piece will look like at the beginning. All I know is when to end each one. Sometimes, I come back and continue. Other times it is left on its own.”

Theesen has also written a book titled “Backstage: Behind the Curtain” that recalls his stories of 60 celebrities he has worked with and met throughout his years in broadcasting and film. Bill Clinton, Alice Cooper, Yogi Berra and Jerry Lewis are just a few of the celebrities featured.  

“Some of these celebrities have passed yet the memories live on through these pages of my book,” he said.

Joining GROW

Theesen joined GROW Nebraska two years ago to help promote his creative work.

“GROW has been very supportive in my book signings as well as my artwork,” Theesen said.

He participated in GROW’s 2018 Nebraska State Fair pop-up store, which helped him sell 32 books and some of his artwork. He also attended GROW’s MarkeTech conference in 2019 to learn about marketing and social media trends.

Theesen is one of the first GROW members to participate in the new Spotlight Display opportunity. Prices vary from $175 to $300 and include a one-month featured display in the Buy Nebraska store in Kearney, social media promotion, Google AdWords campaign, an e-mail blast and a blog feature in the monthly newsletter.

Theesen’s artwork is already sold to celebrities, doctors and regular folks, and he is hoping to expand his sales even more in the coming months and years.

“I am just an ordinary guy from Hastings, Nebraska, with an extraordinary type of artwork featuring colorful pieces that I create that is fun to look at and enjoy,” Theesen said.

To learn more about Kent Theesen and Tee-Sun Productions, stop by the Buy Nebraska store in Kearney or visit his GROW Nebraska member page at

To find out more about the Spotlight Display opportunity, please contact Tiffany Wood, Buy Nebraska store manager and market access coordinator at or (308) 338-3520.

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