Social Media Marketing Skills Class Resources for Part 1 of 2

Congrats on taking the first steps to improve your social media skills. Thanks to Facebook Digital Promise,  GROW Nebraska is able to provide you with the following resources to further improve upon the digital skills discussed in Class 1.

Module #1: Social Media Marketing Basics

Interested in building your business? Learn to use your Facebook Page to build awareness of your organization and connect with your audience.

Download Micro-Credential #1 Worksheet

Apply for Micro-Credential #1

Module #2: Marketing with Facebook Pages

Get the word out! Keep customers updated and informed on your latest company events, announcements, and products. Social media can help you connect with your customers and grow your business.

Download Micro-Credential #2 Worksheet

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Module #3: Marketing with Facebook Ads

Participants will learn how to create a simple ad campaign for your organization that is in line with your specific business goals.

Download Micro-Credential #3 Worksheet

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Attendee Check List

Have you remembered to do the following:


Complete Pre-Survey

If you haven’t already completed the pre-survey please do so ASAP.

Once you receive the confirmation screen of successfully filling out the survey, take a picture and send it to

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Homework Before Class #2

Set yourself up for success by completing the following:


Customize your Facebook settings & set your security (profanity security, visitor interations, etc.)


Write & Customize your story


Create & publish 3 – 5 NEW Facebook posts


Use part of your ad credit to boost one Facebook Post


Go to your Facebook Ad Manager, use part of your ad credit & create one new ad

Remember To:

Build Your Portfolio

Use Your $25 Ad Credit and Apply for Micro-Credentials

Get started right with a $25 Facebook Ad allowance, plus earn four micro-credentials that can be displayed as a digital badge, on LinkedIN, Facebook and even your resume.

2 Part Program

This training is broken down into two classes that take participants through the skills they will need to do basic social media marketing for an organization or business.

Participants will learn the basics of social media marketing using Facebook and Instagram and have the opportunity to earn four micro-credentials (digital badges) that demonstrate the skills they have learned. Workshops are designed to be short, hands-on, and practical.

Part #2

Module #3: Marketing with Facebook Ads 

Learn to manage and measure your ad performance.

Module #4: Marketing with Instagram 

Understand key strategies on how to create content, post and ads that engage audiences.

How did we do?

We want your feedback! Tell us your thoughts on class #1 so we can keep improving the program.


Allow us to answer Frequently Asked Questions about why this Program is well worth your time.

What are micro-credentials? And why are they important?

Micro-credentials are a form of competency-based recognition of professional learning that is personalized, valuable, and rigorous. Once you earn a micro-credential, it can be displayed as a digital badge on LinkedIN, Facebook, and/or your resume.

Why this social media marketing workshop?


    • The digital skills gap is real – 8 in 10 jobs require digital skills
    • Many offerings of bootcamps, computer science classes in K-12, but not many efforts aimed at MIDDLE skills
    • We are aiming our this course at MIDDLE skills
    • Developed micro-credentials and curriculum to address middle skills

What is the Value of Social Media Engagement?

“There is no ROI in anything if you don’t learn how to use it.” -Gary Vaynerchuk, Founder of VaynerMedia

There is a near consensus that social media marketing is valuable because it allows companies to directly engage with their customers, build brand presence, and ultimately sell more products. Read Article

Top 10 Reasons Your Brand Needs to be on Facebook

Are you still waiting to be convinced of the value of Facebook for business? Is it really necessary?

Click Here for the top 10 reasons your brand needs to be on Facebook. Read through this list and then decide for yourself!

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