GROW Nebraska CEO and founder awarded for Outstanding Leadership Supporting Women in Business

GROW Nebraska CEO and Founder Awarded for Outstanding Leadership Supporting Women in Business

GROW Nebraska’s founder and CEO Janell Anderson Ehrke was recently awarded the 2021 Outstanding Leadership Supporting Woman in Business Award by the Omaha Metro Women’s Business Center. This award has always been given to someone who the board and everyone agrees is a real authentic leader. Janell’s moto has always been you can’t get where you want to be in life by sitting at home, so she is always out making connections.

BC Clark the director of the Metro Women’s Business Center states “The board and I all agreed we wanted to recognize Janell for the work she put in on Grow Nebraska Women’s Business Center, because of how she is trying to help women in a different way. What better way to acknowledge someone than to award them for what they do? She totally deserves that. She’s always been a believer of the work that I’ve been doing too. She truly believes in people.”

Janell states, “It is truly an honor to have this recognition I really enjoy working with BC and greatly appreciate all their help with the Grow Nebraska Women’s Business Center.”

A year ago in April, Janell Anderson Ehrke, Heather Nelson, and BC Clark made the GROW Nebraska Women’s Business Center a reality. This Center is focused on helping women pave their way through the ins and outs of really forming their businesses.

BC believes if you aspire to get an award like this, the best way to do so is to just be authentic and be real. “Your reputation should proceed you. Janell’s reputation really proceeds her. She was qualified for this award because of who she is not just what she does.”   

Check out the Metro Women’s Business Center and GROW Nebraska Women’s business Center below!


Link to Metro Women’s Business Center

Link to GROW Nebraska Women’s Business Center


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