GROW Nebraska Members Welcomed into 2022 Nebraska Passport Program

GROW Nebraska Members Welcomed into 2022 Nebraska Passport Program


GROW Nebraska is happy to announce the following members are joining the 2022 Nebraska Passport program; Zambuni Specialty Coffee Auction out of Grand Island Nebraska, Small Town Famous out of Hastings, Nebraska, McCue’s Nebraska Taproom out of Kearney, Nebraska, Robber’s Cave Tours out of Lincoln, Nebraska, 63 County Store out of Spencer, Nebraska, and McClean Beef out of York, Nebraska. We also have the following members who sponsor the program, Nebraska Lottery, History Nebraska, and Nebraska Game & Parks Commission.

This program is run by Nebraska tourism and is a great opportunity for many local businesses to bring in more people. Everyone who gets a passport fills it out like a regular passport, but these passports get the participants fun prizes. Once a place is visited it gets marked down and then the participant keeps going until all the businesses on the list have been visited! The best part every participant is more than welcome to come back, as many times as they would like, to every business they travel to.

In a press release Nebraska Tourism executive director, John Ricks, said “The popularity of this program year after year continues to leave me in disbelief. In a couple of weeks, we will have new 2021 economic impact numbers tied to the program and the positive effect travelers have on the businesses involved. Can’t wait to share those.”

This program will feature 70 attractions in 10 themed categories. Travelers have from May 1st through September 30th to visit the attractions and get their stamps.

GROW Nebraska member Ryan Fitch who co-owns McCues Taproom in Kearney is one of our members who recently got to join the program. They heard about the program and participated in it themselves traveling to many businesses. He states, “The Nebraska Passport Program was a no-brainer for us because it showcases exactly what McCue’s is all about: ALL Nebraska!  We hoped that the combination of the historic McCue’s building and our unique 100% Nebraskan approach would be of interest to many thirsty travelers!” McCues is known for serving only Nebraska brewed drinks, including beer, cider, spirits, and wine.

Although this program is a great one to be a part of it is hard to get into. Stephanie Boettcher owner of 63 County Store in Spencer, Nebraska heard about the Nebraska Passport Program from a friend when her store first opened, she states, “We applied several times and were beyond excited to get accepted for the 2022 passport, it is a great opportunity. We are very excited for all the new faces the Passport should bring to our area.” 63 County Store is known for a variety of items including gifts of all kinds. They have what you want and what you need.

63 County Store and McCues Taproom have been members of GROW Nebraska for a little while now and they both joined for some marketing support. Ryan Fitch states, “GROW NE is another great organization that empowers and supports Nebraska small business.  Starting a business is hard, not everyone possesses marketing or technical know-how.  They provide much-appreciated boosts through training and exposure to new customers both in the store and online!”

Congratulations to all the businesses who made the Nebraska Passport program! Don’t forget to grab your passport and enjoy the fun prizes! Check out the link and the businesses below!


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Our members on the list:


Our members who sponsor the program:

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