Innovation Center Gives GROW Nebraska Members New Marketing Opportunities


Innovation Center Gives GROW Nebraska Members New Marketing Opportunities


Pouring the footings for the new addition.


Outside building complete including double entry doors.

What is SEO, and how do I use it in my business? How do I purchase Google AdWords to promote my new product? I have a new idea, but I’m not sure how to test the market to see if it will sell. I want my products to look professional on my website, but I don’t have the greatest photography skills.

These are all questions and services that GROW Nebraska staff can answer and provide. And, in the near future, these answers and services will become even more accessible with the new GROW Nebraska E-Commerce and Marketing Innovation Center.

“We are so excited to offer this new dedicated space for training and learning opportunities to our members,” GROW CEO Janell Anderson Ehrke said. “Very few small business owners have the time or resources to become experts in one field let alone three: retail, wholesale and electronic. This new innovation center is the answer to the needs of these business owners.”

The new innovation center is under construction at GROW’s new Buy Nebraska retail location, 421 W. Talmadge Road No. 1, in Kearney. The new space is attached to the east side of the store and will allow for a dedicated space for shipping, photography, member training and collaboration. It will improve efficiency and allow for more privacy for business owners working on ideas with GROW staff.

The new space will also give members even more tools to grow their businesses from photography assistance to social media strategies and more.

With the addition of the innovation center, GROW Nebraska plans to add to its task force of proven experts in the following areas:

Strategy: Assistance with Google advertising, social media campaigns, new product development and content writing, as well as strategic “big picture” planning.

User Experience: GROW will help members create a pleasing online shopping experience for their customers.

Web Analytics: Help business owners understand web analytics and make decisions about growth and improvements based on real data.

Innovation Management: Help members monitor new marketplace technologies and implement pilot projects with new listings and ideas and assist in product development and market testing so members can “test drive” products before placing them in the global marketplace.

Online Marketing: Help members understand Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing, develop sector-specific SEO and Google AdWords tools for members and offer operational advice about the optimum structures and processes in online marketing.

Mobile: Assistance in developing apps and services for mobile devices and advice on m-commerce (mobile commerce) strategies.

The new innovation center should be complete and operational during the first quarter of 2019.

The innovation center received a boost with a $100,000 two-year grant from the Peter Kiewit Foundation and is seeking more grants and private donations help with its funding.

If you would like more information about the GROW Nebraska E-Commerce and Marketing Innovation Center from a business perspective, or if you would like to donate, please contact Janell at or GROW’s Business Development Director Kristi Gargan at

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