Jan. 18 | Tuesday Member Talks | Starting the New Year Right

DATE: Tuesday, Jan. 18

TIME: 12:00 p.m. CT

55% of New Year’s Resolutions are health-related.
80% of New Year’s Resolutions fail. {ouch!} 

You are capable…but do you have the needed resources, tools, and accountability that real success requires?
Kick-off 2022 with Carissa Konrad, Nationally Board Certified Health Coach, as she gives simple ideas that can make a big change in your healthy living this year. 

Carissa will give tips on:
-How health & good self care affects business owners
-Reducing Sugar & Strategic Meal Planning
-Making Healthy Choices Stick 

If you have specific questions before this session of Tuesday Member Talks, email Amanda at [email protected].

 Carissa’s Story

When members of my family were faced with complicated health issues, I felt like I was at my wit’s end and without any solutions. I refused to accept the idea of simply masking the symptoms. The importance of a whole-body approach began to unfold right before my eyes. It wasn’t until I lost my Dad to dementia, that I began to see more clearly the power of TODAY and the importance of helping families to live healthier.

That’s when I dove headfirst into natural lifestyle approaches and following simple yet powerful nutrition adjustments. I worked relentlessly to find and provide the assistance our family needed. As a result, we have simply never been healthier. The positive changes that those small decisions have made affected my energy when it came to my business as well. It was then that I realized other people, especially business owners need to know how to increase their health so they have the energy to grow their business. 

Too many people’s health issues hold them back from living a life that allows them to invest in the things that mean the most. I began to see that many families simply lacked the tools to transform their health and live optimally.