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The 3 Things Every Business Needs to Know About Cybersecurity

How to Livestream Your Business to New Customers

Technology problems can be overwhelming, but most of them are preventable. If you are doing business today, technology is intertwined throughout your entire organization. It’s crucial to have your company’s systems setup correctly to be resilient against threats or problems, so you can have confidence in systems you rely on.

In this presentation, we will cover three core areas of cybersecurity that apply to businesses of any size. By attending this webinar you will receive the foundational understanding of strong authentication, backup/continuity, and the type of technology maintenance/support that fits your needs.

Whether you are one person just starting up your business or a large established enterprise, these three topics are essential to both understand and implement.

This webinar is presented by Tanner Lytle. Tanner works in Sales and Marketing for Honorbound IT, a technology company that focuses on serving businesses across Nebraska, Kansas, and Colorado. Honorbound IT uses proactive services & to stabilize the technology in their customer’s businesses, remediate and eliminate a lot of the “Tech Fatigue” that happens in daily business life. They believe in “practicing what we preach” and after working hard and learning techniques that have given them success, they are excited to share that helpful information with more businesses!

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