L2 for Kids: It’s more than new clothes for children


L2 for Kids: It’s more than new clothes for children

The Hanna children of Cozad had a lemonade and sweet corn stand this past summer. They donated all of the money they earned to L2 for Kids.   

For some children, the opportunity to go to a store and pick out new clothes is not something they get to experience often, if ever. 

Local organization L2 for Kids is doing what they can to give as many children as possible that experience.

What began as an idea to establish a home for troubled boys has instead become an organization that helps underprivileged children. L2 for Kids founder Henry Potter developed the plan for a boys home back in 2011, raising $14,000 toward the project. But when the state decided not to use those types of homes, Potter had to find a different use for the money. That is when the concept for L2 for Kids was born.

Though Potter founded the group, he said it is the volunteers who make L2 for Kids a success.

“There are two primary things that make this program work — our donors and our volunteers,” said Potter. “We couldn’t do this without them.”

L2 for Kids works in partnership with local churches. Potter said he believes every church in Gothenburg helps sponsor the program. They also rely on other entities for referrals.

“In our program, someone has to see the need before we get involved. The school, a church, Department of Health and Human Services and local law enforcement all make recommendations to us of families in need,” said Potter.

After a family fills out the application, it must be returned to one of the churches. When the family has been approved for assistance from L2 for Kids, arrangements are made with the family to meet at a Walmart near their home for a shopping spree.

“We have a table set up for them to sign in when they get there. Then each child is told how much they have to spend. The kids get to pick out what they want to wear, as long as it is appropriate,” Potter said.

After the purchase has been made, the family is directed to the missions table, where the Gospel message is shared, and books or Bibles are given out.

“Every kid who comes is told that Jesus loves them and that we love them. We then ask the parents if we can pray for their family before we turn them loose,” said Potter.

He emphasized that 100% of donations to L2 for Kids go to children.

“Everyone who does this is strictly volunteer. We pay all our own expenses.”

Potter said L2 for Kids serves 34 communities and operates with 164 volunteers. The organization last year served more than . . . . . .


Article wrote by Ellen Mortensen with Gothenburg Leader Read Full Article Here: https://www.gothenburgleader.com/news/l-for-kids-it-s-more-than-new-clothes-for/article_8c4f944c-0ba6-11ea-be85-5f744f47dd04.html

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