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NPPD Merry Christmas

2020 has been an interesting year where our teammates have risen to the challenges presented and kept the lights on for our customers. You continue to prove to be the safe, reliable teammates that our customers can always count on. This year we had to ‘think outside of the box’ to celebrate our 50th anniversary and the holiday season. Consistently during 2020 teammates across the district have shown their consideration for their local communities in many different ways. We want to continue that ‘neighbor helping neighbor’ attitude with your ability to choose local products from GROW Nebraska in order to celebrate our 50th anniversary and the holiday season.

Each teammate is receiving 5,000 points to use on the NPPD GROW Nebraska collection page. This page showcases local products created in the areas NPPD services. Every GROW Nebraska product is carefully handcrafted, created or designed by a Nebraskan. The commitment to their craft and products is conveyed through the quality of their work. The Nebraskan’s dedication to the “GROW Nebraska”  way of life is demonstrated seemingly in all the products offered on NPPD Teammate program.  Your purchase is directly helping a Nebraska business Happy Shopping!


Nervous about spending your points? Don’t be, check out the frequently asked questions and spend with confidence.

How Does This Work?

Add any product to your cart from the NPPD collection page:

Your maximum spend amount is 5,000. When your cart has between 1,000 – 5,000 points worth of product in the cart your automatic NPPD employee appreciation discount will appear and your “amount due” will be $0.00. 

How Many Times Can I Check Out?

Once. You will only be able to check out with your customized gift box once and you must place your NPPD issued email address in the contact information of checkout for verification purposes.

What Happens To Unused Points?

Unused points are just that, unused. You are only able to “check out” or submit your custom gift box once and any unused points disappear afterwards.

Can My Box Be Shipped Directly To Me?

Yes, your box can be delivered right to your door step but you will need to use your points for shipping and add that to your cart before checkout.

Why Does My Cart Say I Owe Money?

Terrific, you must have found a lot of great product you were interested in! When you add over 5,000 points worth of product your cart will show you “owe” for the amount over. To fix this simply remove items until you reach 5,000 or less.

When Will I Receive My Gift Box I Created?

Gift boxes will be available for pickup during the first part of December. 

What If I Made A Mistake Or Have Technical Issues?

We want this to be a fun and customizable experience, give the friendly staff at GROW Nebraska a call at (308) 546-7323 and receive any assistance you may require.