Omaha Company Thrives on Problem Solving


Omaha Company Thrives on Problem Solving

While GROW Nebraska consists of many entrepreneurs creating and selling products, other GROW members are focused on helping business owners find solutions and generate more profits.

Apex Informatics, based in Omaha, is one of those businesses.

Apex partners with large and small businesses to provide business and technology solutions. While Apex works with multi-million dollar companies, some of their favorite work is with new entrepreneurs.

“We love start-ups because we are problem solvers,” said Matt Shaw, V.P. of Business Development for Apex. ”We think we can figure out how to do just about anything.”

Anything may include building a new website, customizing a current website, creating or modifying custom software to track business growth and customers or even designing an app to communicate with customers or enhance sales. In creating custom software, a website or an app, Apex helps its customers maintain, fix and enhance the technology overtime.

Matt and Apex founder Jay Tedla met while earning their MBAs and formed a company that works with clients around the globe. Their team, which includes eight software developers, also assists entrepreneurs with tasks such as finding funds, securing intellectual property, copyrighting software, and general business consulting.

“It’s not just about putting a website out there,” Matt said. “The old adage about if you build it, they will come, just isn’t true anymore.”

Apex has recently helped a business owner obtain a Nebraska prototype grant to bring a product to the market; helped a casino develop software that automated manual process to eliminate absorbent labor expenses; and created contractor-tracking software for a large oil field in Texas helping multiple companies better budget for large projects they take on.

In addition to technology services, Apex also specializes in helping businesses hire IT employees and software developers. It can be difficult for human resource managers to sift through a dozen resumes for software developers and be able to decipher who is qualified for the job. That’s were Apex can help with their vast knowledge of the IT world and up-to-date database of developers/IT employees. Sometimes, Apex will partner with the business, and the developer will be employed by Apex to work specifically for that one business either temporarily for a short-term project on a more permanent basis.

For more information about Apex Informatics, visit

Story by GROW Nebraska Member Kristine Jacobson, KRJ Public Relations.

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