Ricketts Addresses Rotarians & Highlights GROW Nebraska


Ricketts Addresses Rotarians & Highlights GROW Nebraska


Gov. Pete Ricketts speaks at the Seward Rotary Club meeting on May 8.

Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts spoke at the Seward Rotary Club meeting May 8.

He discussed current happenings in state legislature and gave an update on state flood relief. All together, the state has received $75 million in flood relief aid and loans.

Ricketts also spoke on GROW Nebraska, a nonprofit organization that looks to develop and support small business owners throughout the state.

He said a main focus in the legislature right now is expanding the SNAP Department of Labor program by offering job coaches to families on food stamps to help them find employment. Ricketts said he hopes the expansion will be rolled out statewide by the end the year.

He also discussed legislative Bill 289, which is the highest in state history. Money will go towards tax credit.

Finally, Ricketts honed in on the work Rotary clubs do.

“They are critical to the fabric of the state,” Ricketts said. “We need local communities like you.”

Revised Article submitted by, Hope Moural with the Seward Independent
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