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September 13th | Tuesday Member Talks |Using Print To Power Your Brand Archetype


The power of print is undeniable. It has a trustworthiness, longevity, and ability to influence decision makers that digital can’t reproduce. It’s not that print replaces digital, but rather enhances it. Print should be part of every comprehensive marketing campaign.

The key to getting the most out of print is knowing your brand’s archetype. There are 15 archetypes, or emotions, that sell every product and service. Identifying your brand’s archetype is critical to developing specific, targeted messages to reach your audience and the emotions they use to purchase. For example, a  business with the Innovation archetype needs to use different messaging than a business with the Authority archetype.

Edge Magazine can help businesses understand their brand archetype to ensure that the right emotional messages are being used across their print ad, in their editorial, and on social media. When you have the correct messaging and combine it with the power of print, then you have a winning formula!    

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DATE: September 13th 


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Carole Sprunk, Owner/Publisher, Edge Publishing

Carole Sprunk is the publisher and owner of Edge Magazine. Since 2012, Carole has been involved in the newspaper and printing industries. Starting a Newspapers In Education program, having a passion for printing and love for Omaha led to purchasing Edge Magazine.

Kathy Rygg, Executive Editor, Edge Publishing

Kathy Rygg, an Omaha native and graduate of Iowa State University with a degree in Journalism, is a writer, editor, and children’s book author with a background in corporate marketing and public relations. She has been with Edge Publishing for eight years and fell in love with Edge when she first saw a print copy nine years ago.