State Fair 2022 Proves to be Success for GROW Nebraska Members

As 2022’s state fair has come to an end, GROW Nebraska wants to thank all the members for making it possible for this year’s outcome to be so great! We were up over all in sales and had our second largest state fair outcome. GROW Nebraska had about 54 businesses participate, and some of those were service businesses who came and promoted their products!

Not only did we have many returning businesses for this year’s fair, GROW Nebraska also had some new faces who came down to join in on the fair fun as well. When deciding whether to come, Owen Bridges, with Bridges Solutions states, “It was a no-brainer. After learning that I could work my fees off at the state fair, it just made sense to give it a shot. There wasn’t any risk involved and I knew if I needed any help or guidance, I had the Grow Nebraska staff there to help me out.”

Owen goes on to say, “Being there to work the booth also helped me learn what potential customers wanted to know about my product. I then took that information and have applied it to my website and future marketing materials.” Owen’s social media post from the fair reached about 3,000 views. “Overall, I was able to get my brand in front of thousands of eyes because of the state fair.”

GROW Nebraska is all about getting business’s names out there, events like the state fair help promote and do just that. Turner Technology’s Jim Gawrych came for his first year this year as well. He states, “The Nebraska State Fair is a fantastic event that brings people from across Nebraska together.  There is something for everyone, from the livestock entries, quilt exhibits, rides, entertainment, and crazy food options.”

Not only does GROW Nebraska create an environment you can expand in, it also is a place to learn. Once Leslie Sikyta, who owns Lux by Leslie, came for her first time this year she states, “The State Fair was a big learning experience for me as I did not know what to expect with it being my first time as a vendor with Grow Nebraska.” However, Leslie goes on to say, “I was pleased with what I sold and wished I had brought more product, but I will learn from that and be better prepared for next year.

CEO and creator of GROW Nebraska, Janell Anderson Ehrke, states, “I was very pleased with this year’s turn out. Just like with anything there will be room to grow and improve for next year. Maybe that will be the year we beat all our state fair sales!”


 By Katee Daly 

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