Hunting Partner – Now Connecting Hunters Across the US

Hunting Partner – Now Connecting Hunters Across the US

Hunting Partner – Now Connecting Hunters Across the US

Can you imagine coming face-to-face with a dangerous, wild predator in the wilderness? Can you imagine this encounter happening without a soul nearby for miles?

For Nate Fox, this scenario doesn’t require much imagination — in fact, it’s the reason he’s created Hunting Partner, a membership-based online networking platform for hunters across the US.  

As a longtime hunter who is fond of big trips to remote areas, Nate isn’t always able to find friends and fellow hunters interested in the time and preparation needed for these elaborate outings. So, what’s a hunter to do? Why, he set out to Wyoming for a solo bow-hunting trip in the mountains… only this time, his hunt was cut short. Woken from his sleep by the telltale snort of a curious bear exploring his campsite, Nate had found himself alone in the wilderness with a predator, a bow, and very limited communications options.

Luckily, the bear wasn’t interested in a scuffle, and bounded into the trees after a brief-but-tense staredown, leaving a shaken (and very much awake) hunter alone yet again. When asked what his wife had to say about the story, he chuckled that

she, “Strongly suggested I find someone to hunt with next time.”  

And that’s exactly what Nate is aiming for with

The Hunting Partner website allows users to create a “Hunter Profile,” utilizing a highly-detailed questionnaire to hone in on specific hunting preferences and hunting partner values. “Hunting can be different for different kinds of people,” Nate explained, “For some, it’s a social event — a fun trip with the guys. But for other hunters, it’s a really serious deal. That’s pretty important to know ahead of time.” With questions ranging from hunting styles and lodging preferences to alcohol consumption, and whether or not you have a hunting dog, Hunting Partner simplifies the process of finding like-minded people to join your hunting trips. 

Another feature of the Hunting Partner community is the ability to find and share lease agreements for hunting properties throughout the country. Land owners with destination-quality, hunting land can greatly benefit from listing their properties on this service, all while providing a fantastic setting for a memorable hunting trip. 

While many GROW Nebraska members develop and sell products for retail sale, we love having the opportunity to support service-based companies like Hunting Partner through membership. The services provided by Hunting Partner blend well with our member base and their customers, and we look forward to hearing about future hunting trips organized through this useful tool! 

For a limited time, founding members can join Hunting Partner for $25 per year. For more information and registration, please visit

Omaha Company Thrives on Problem Solving

Omaha Company Thrives on Problem Solving

Omaha Company Thrives on Problem Solving

While GROW Nebraska consists of many entrepreneurs creating and selling products, other GROW members are focused on helping business owners find solutions and generate more profits.

Apex Informatics, based in Omaha, is one of those businesses.

Apex partners with large and small businesses to provide business and technology solutions. While Apex works with multi-million dollar companies, some of their favorite work is with new entrepreneurs.

“We love start-ups because we are problem solvers,” said Matt Shaw, V.P. of Business Development for Apex. ”We think we can figure out how to do just about anything.”

Anything may include building a new website, customizing a current website, creating or modifying custom software to track business growth and customers or even designing an app to communicate with customers or enhance sales. In creating custom software, a website or an app, Apex helps its customers maintain, fix and enhance the technology overtime.

Matt and Apex founder Jay Tedla met while earning their MBAs and formed a company that works with clients around the globe. Their team, which includes eight software developers, also assists entrepreneurs with tasks such as finding funds, securing intellectual property, copyrighting software, and general business consulting.

“It’s not just about putting a website out there,” Matt said. “The old adage about if you build it, they will come, just isn’t true anymore.”

Apex has recently helped a business owner obtain a Nebraska prototype grant to bring a product to the market; helped a casino develop software that automated manual process to eliminate absorbent labor expenses; and created contractor-tracking software for a large oil field in Texas helping multiple companies better budget for large projects they take on.

In addition to technology services, Apex also specializes in helping businesses hire IT employees and software developers. It can be difficult for human resource managers to sift through a dozen resumes for software developers and be able to decipher who is qualified for the job. That’s were Apex can help with their vast knowledge of the IT world and up-to-date database of developers/IT employees. Sometimes, Apex will partner with the business, and the developer will be employed by Apex to work specifically for that one business either temporarily for a short-term project on a more permanent basis.

For more information about Apex Informatics, visit

Story by GROW Nebraska Member Kristine Jacobson, KRJ Public Relations.

New Partnership Gives GROW Members Space at Event

New Partnership Gives GROW Members Space at Event

New Partnership Gives GROW Members Space at Event

A new partnership between Lincoln’s From Nebraska Gift Shop and GROW Nebraska allows members a free opportunity to reach hundreds of farmer’s market customers.

Barbara Ballard, owner of the From Nebraska store in Lincoln’s Historic Haymarket, invites GROW Nebraska members to sample and sell food products on a Saturday morning during the Lincoln Historic Haymarket Farmer’s Market.

It’s a great opportunity for business owners to test the waters on products. As a bonus, if sales are brisk, products may be sold from the shelves of the From Nebraska Gift Shop.

That’s what already happened with Herbal Gatherings mustard, a Lincoln-based company that offered tastings one Saturday.

“Depending on sales, we’ll decide if we will stock it,” Barbara said. “We try not to have 12 different kinds of salsa and 12 different kinds of mustard on our shelves. We try to be selective and put the finest products Nebraska has to offer.”

In addition, she looks for products with attractive packaging, a long shelf life and the ability to be quickly restocked. Products must also be manufactured or produced in Nebraska.

Barbara said she’d like to encourage at least two or maybe three businesses to offer tastings each week at the farmer’s market through October. Businesses will be offered space on the store’s outdoor dock at 803 Q Street to gain the most exposure. Owners must commit to being there and offering samples between 9 a.m. and noon or until the crowds thin down.

Between 300 and 600 customers will stop by the store during the farmer’s market to sample foods, cool off inside the store or enjoy wine slushies, Barbara said.

She recommends creating a unique display to go along with the tastings.

“We really encourage folks to have some kind of signage that tells about them,” she said. “People love a story. Tell your story in signage because you will have a little bit of a line.”

Barbara said From Nebraska will be expanding in January, and the farmer’s market opportunity reflects the new business model.

“Instead of just having a space on our shelves, you will have an opportunity to have your own display or kiosk,” she said.

To sign up for an opportunity to sell and sample at the From Nebraska Gift Shop during the farmer’s market, please complete the application here:

All products sold during the Saturday events will be rang up by the From Nebraska Gift Shop register, and GROW Nebraska members will be paid wholesale price.

For more information about the From Nebraska Gift Shop, please visit the store’s GROW Nebraska member page.

Authentic Tropical Ingredients Make Spice Isle Sauces Sweet and Tangy

Authentic Tropical Ingredients Make Spice Isle Sauces Sweet and Tangy

Authentic Tropical Ingredients Make Spice Isle Sauces Sweet and Tangy

A Lincoln-based company is bringing a taste of the Caribbean to Nebraska and beyond.

Spice Isle Sauces LLC creates authentic Caribbean dry rubs and sauces that make customers feel like they are in the tropics.

Steve and Heidi Nolan loved their adventures in the Caribbean, especially Turks and Caicos for years. During a trip in 2013, they met a local chef who wanted to start a restaurant and needed a business partner. The Nolans jumped right in despite having no experience in the food business.

Steve jokes that he has a background “in being crazy,” but he’s actually a semi-retired financial consultant. Heidi holds a Ph.D. in child psychology and is retired from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

A year after the restaurant opened, they experimented with creating a sauce using authentic Caribbean ingredients. Sales of the sauce at the restaurant soared, and soon tourists wanted to know how they could get a taste of the tropics back home.

The Nolans enjoyed the challenge of researching food production, bottling and marketing and soon found a way to create their sauce and other products in the United States and market them to a wider audience.

Their current products include Tropical Tamarind Gourmet Sauce, Tropical Seasoning/Rub, Tropical Jerk Rub, Tropical Jerk Sauce, Tropical Heat Gourmet Sauce and Tropical Heat Seasoning/Rub. They will soon launch a Tropical Ginger Gourmet Sauce and a Tropical Ginger Seasoning/Rub.

Spice Isle’s jerk sauce is wildly popular because the Nolans spent nine months creating it, and it contains an authentic ingredient grown in the Caribbean – the Scotch bonnet pepper.

“The Scotch bonnet pepper is a cousin of habanero,” Heidi said. “It has the same level of heat but is smokier and littler sweeter than the habanero.”

Barbecue competitors have found favor and flavor with Spice Isle’s tamarind (which is a tropical fruit) products because of the uniqueness of the flavor as well as the sweetness. The sweetness of their tamarind products comes from a blend of tropical fruits and some sugars. The Nolans explain that the sweetness in their products tenderizes whatever meat or seafood is being cooked, which helps even the worst cooks avoid serving dried-out food.

The Nolans said their rubs and sauces are excellent far beyond the summer grilling season as they are great used as shrimp sauces, marinades, sautes, salad dressings, dips and more.

Enjoy all Spice Isle products at the Buy Nebraska store in Kearney or, purchase online at and