The GROW Nebraska e-Commerce and Marketing Innovation Center


The GROW Nebraska e-Commerce and Marketing Innovation Center

The GROW Nebraska Foundation is undertaking that will benefit all Nebraska entrepreneurs, but especially those in the rural areas of our state who have less access to quality assistance.

The GROW Nebraska Foundation is a Nebraska-based 501(c)3 nonprofit Entrepreneurial Service Organization.  Currently we are the number one educational, nonprofit marketing opportunity program in the State.

GROW Nebraska salutes all early adaptors and innovative entrepreneurial pioneers, who understood the value of using technology to maximize their marketing.  Our proposed project builds on the trails he blazed and will allow other Nebraska entrepreneurs to take better advantage of technology and marketing opportunities through ecommerce.

The GROW Nebraska e-Commerce and Marketing Innovation Center will be in the center of the state at the Younes Campus in Kearney. This location just off I-80 offers easy access from all areas of the state to encourage rural participation in the special hands-on assistance and other resources which will be offered.

The Center will provide fresh new marketing services designed to increase profitability and strengthen viability of Nebraska’s small businesses.  Our growth strategy will expand Internet and mobile marketing service for GROW Nebraska members, enhance physical store experience for consumers, and provide a professional-grade training space for businesses. The Center will also encourage entrepreneurs to become involved in collaborating with and supporting other small businesses.

The requested funds would be used to help furnish and outfit one of the customized training areas with appropriate technology enhancing the learning experience and to offset some of the expense of hiring a professional marketing expert.

GROW Nebraska has secured funding from the Small Business Administration PRIME Grant, the Peter Kiewit Foundation and the Younes Hospitality Group.  We have proposals pending with the Department of Commerce and the Theodore G. Baldwin Foundation.  We hope that you will also find this project worthy of support.

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