Things to do as a first-time attendee at the MarkeTech Conference

Is this your first time attending MarkeTech 2023? Let us help you gear up for the best conference in the midwest!! We’ve compiled some tips so you can be prepared to engage, learn, and network! 

Prep your questions. No, this isn’t a job interview, but you have access to leading experts in the field to ask your most pressing questions! Think about ways you could elevate your business with the new information you’ve learned. 

Make a list of takeaways and action items. Takeaways are items you need to fill in with your team or boss. These usually are facts and metric based items. You’ll also want a list of immediate action items that are divided into two lists, immediate and long-term. This will help you make the most of the conference while laying your business goals for the next year.

Network. Networking with colleagues in the same space helps you build a team that is outside of your own business to talk through strategy, bounce ideas off of, or simply to vent about your industry. This also allows you to make contacts with potential vendors and customers! 

Make sure you make the most of your time at MarkeTech 2023! Be present, be engaged, be innovative! Register today at

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