Pacha Soap Company is part of the Whole Foods Beauty Launch Campaign

Pacha Soap Company is part of the Whole Foods Beauty Launch Campaign

Pacha Soap Company is part of the Whole Foods Beauty Launch Campaign!

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In celebration of Beauty Week 2019, Whole Foods Market’s global beauty buyers and experts have unveiled their inaugural list of top beauty and wellness trends for the year: Superfoods for beauty, beauty-oriented supplements, vegan cosmetics, sleep supporters and microbiome-friendly beauty products are stealing the spotlight in 2019.

Beauty enthusiasts are encouraged to try the trends during Whole Foods Market’s annual Beauty Week celebration. From Wednesday, March 27 to Tuesday, April 2, the national grocer will offer its entire wide selection of makeup, facial care, hair care, nail polish, perfume and makeup brushes at 25 percent off, with an additional 10 percent off for Prime members. Find out more Whole Foods Deals.

Whole Foods Market’s top beauty and wellness trend predictions for 2019:

Sleep Supporters

The term “beauty sleep” isn’t a new idea, but in 2019, consumers are approaching it in a more holistic way. Nighttime rituals are gaining popularity in homes (and being widely shared on Instagram) whether it’s making a soothing beverage, taking a bath or relaxing with a face mask at the end of the day. With an array of products from aromatherapy essential oil blends and diffusers to bath bombs and sleep-supporting supplements, there are more ways than ever to create a personalized evening beauty routine geared toward the best rest.

Warming beverages like #moonmilk and golden milk incorporate adaptogens that have been used for centuries in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines to support sleep and decrease the effects of stress. Pacha Soap has launched a Sleep Salt Block made with valerian root powder, passion flower powder, lavender and shea butter; and Emerald Health Bioceuticals’ innovative line of supplements includes products Sleep, Calm, and Bliss. Our experts are also looking forward to the reimagining of classic nighttime beauty routines with new products like Acure’s Radically Rejuvenating Whipped Night Cream, Derma E Vitamin C Intense Night Cream and Evanhealy Blue Cactus Beauty Balm, all launching in June!

Try the trend: Everyone Sleep Roll-On Aromatherapy; Whole Foods Market Cotton Cupra Hydrating Coconut Face Mask; Whole Foods Market Sleep Support Liquid Capsules; Pacha Soap Co. Sleep Bath Salt Block; Emerald Health Bioceuticals EndoSleep Supplement; Whole Foods Market Frankincense Essential Oil

Pacha Soap Company

They create engaging bath products that change lives. Their products are made from premium, all natural ingredients. Your Pacha Soap purchases help fuel clean water initiatives. Click Here to learn more about Pacha Soap Company

Microbiome-Friendly Beauty

While shelf-stable probiotics made Whole Foods Market’s 2019 Top 10 Food Trends list for adding new strains of probiotics into foods, topical beauty brands are attempting to leave “good” existing bacteria on skin with new prebiotic and microbiome-friendly products. Mother Dirt’s “biome-friendly” Moisturizer contains less than 10 plant-based ingredients and has been carefully tested in an effort not to impact the delicate good bacteria that can help skin look and feel good. Our buyers are expecting to see even more brands experimenting with pre- and probiotic-based ingredients in topical, shelf-stable products like sunscreen and moisturizers throughout the next year.

Try the trend: Mother Dirt Moisturizer (available in June); Pacifica Coconut Probiotic Mineral Sunscreen Spray SPF 30; Derma E Probiotics & Rooibos Vitamin C Intense Night Cream

Whole Foods Market proudly bans more than 100 ingredients found in conventional body care products, including phthalates, microbeads, triclosan, BHT, BHA and aluminum chlorohydrate. Whole Foods Market created its own standards for organic labeling on personal care products, as there are no mandatory government standards for “organic” claims in the body care industry.

Find out more about beauty standards at Whole Foods Market here.

About Whole Foods Market

For 39 years, Whole Foods Market has been the world’s leading natural and organic foods retailer. As the first national certified organic grocer, Whole Foods Market has more than 490 stores in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom. To learn more about Whole Foods Market, please visit


For the full article and to find out the other three beauty trends visit:

Murcielago Makes A Splash in Western-Wear Markets & FFA

Murcielago Makes A Splash in Western-Wear Markets & FFA

Murcielago Makes A Splash in Western-Wear Markets & FFA

Names like Ralph Lauren and Estee Lauder may come to mind when considering popular fragrances for men and women.

But when a country man or woman leaves the farm for an appointment at the bank or a quick lunch, it’s often a fragrance from a Nebraska company that he or she splashes on.

Murcielago, a line of fragrances manufactured in two small Nebraska towns since 2004, is gaining popularity across the nation and has recently helped Nebraska FFA students launch two new fragrances and learn valuable business lessons.

Michelle Caspersen started Murcielago Inc. in her hometown of Alma in 2004 with her nephew. At the time, Michelle owned Kitchen and Bath Unlimited so she had some business knowledge and offered to help her young, motivated nephew.

They partnered with Professional Bull Riders (PBR) to create four fragrances: 8 Seconds, Black and Blue and PBR Gold men’s colognes and PBR Tenacious perfume for women. They worked with a chemist in Manhattan, NY, and bottled the cologne in Michelle’s hometown of Alma. After their contact ended with PBR, they kept the fragrances and renamed them to Nashville, Nashville Blue and DB Nashville men’s colognes and Starlet perfume.

Fifteen years later, Michelle continues to bottle fragrances in Alma and has a second location where she now lives in Boelus. She gave up the kitchen and bath business to focus full time on Murcielago (named after the Lamborghini) and has developed several other fragrances, including another women’s perfume Donna Jean, named after her mom. Her newest fragrance, Colt Ford, launched in the past 14 months in partnership with country music singer Colt Ford.

FFA Partnership

About two years ago, five girls from the FFA chapter in Ord approached Michelle about partnering on their supervised agricultural experience project. They wanted to make their own fragrances. At first, Michelle wasn’t confident that the girls would want to proceed once they knew how much effort it would take. She conducted a professional business meeting with them, and they didn’t back away.

The girls’ advisor agreed they could tackle the project, and they received permission from the national FFA after explaining how the fragrance business is ag-related (commercial growers produce the lavender, oak moss, sandalwood and other ingredients used to make fragrances).

Michelle worked closely with the girls teaching them everything about the fragrance business, and the girls followed through. They created two fragrances: the 1969 perfume for women, named after the first year girls were allowed in FFA, and the Nashville Blue cologne for men.

The girls displayed and sold the fragrances at the National FFA Convention, and the products are now available as a fund-raising project for any FFA chapter in the country. The fragrances are an ideal fund-raiser because they don’t have an expiration date.

The GROW Nebraska Difference

Besides Michelle, Murcielago employs two full-time sales reps and some part-time staff (friends and family) to keep production rolling at the Alma location.

Michelle said she joined GROW Nebraska about four years ago, and it was a great decision for her business.

“They really contribute a lot,” she said of the GROW staff. “It’s really good for someone who has a start-up and hasn’t gone through the growing pains. They just have access to a lot of information. How to market. How to produce. How to sell retail or wholesale. They help you find the answer to your questions.”

Michelle sells her Murcielago fragrances through GROW’s Buy Nebraska, eBay and Amazon sites.

“They (GROW) really work well with you to put you where you are a good fit,” Michelle said. “Fragrance sales were fantastic for us online.”

Michelle also had success selling her fragrances at the Nebraska State Fair GROW pop-up store.

“The state fair was fun because I think it surprises people to find a fragrance made in Nebraska,” Michelle said.

Quality Product, Great Customer Service

Besides GROW Nebraska, Michelle’s fragrances are sold in popular western stores like Cavender’s, and she makes it a priority to offer small “mom and pop stores” the chance to sell her fragrances by allowing small-batch sales.

“That has paid off because we have loyal customers,” Michelle said. “They know we are doing everything we can do to work them to help them offer a beauty and accessory line in their stores.”

Michelle said Murcielago fragrances are popular because of the quality oils that are used and the long-lasting scents.

“We use good products, something that will stay on longer,” Michelle said. “People feel like they get their money’s worth out of our fragrance.”

Murcielago fragrances are GROW Nebraska’s featured member this month. All Murcielago products (and other bath and body products) are 20 percent off at the Buy Nebraska store at 421 W. Talmadge in Kearney and online at , Ebay and  Amazon