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From Goal Setter to Goal Getter


Stop setting goals that you aren’t able to reach! During this training, attendees will learn common mistakes of goal setting, key ingredients required to set better goals, and simple steps to follow to create your most descriptive and successful goal yet!

Key takeaways include:
-Common goal setting mistakes that can sabotage your success
-The key ingredient to reaching your goals in record time
-A simple step by step goal setting process that anyone can follow
-The forgotten final step most people miss when working towards their goals

Meet The Presenter | Joe Sova with Ideal Payroll Service


Joe Sova is a dynamic speaker, podcast host and award winning entrepreneur. With almost 20 years experience, Joe has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs create better systems, hire #1 employees, and build their dream team! Years ago while employed at a Fortune 500, Joe realized corporate life was not aligned with his core values. So in 2011, he took the entrepreneurial leap, founded his own company, and never looked back! Starting with zero income and zero employees, Joe went through the daily roller coaster of entrepreneurship while juggling family life. After you hear him speak, you’ll discover the fastest way out of the “daily grind” of entrepreneurship and the best way to level-up your business! Today Joe’s company continues to grow while employing a full time staff and helping hundreds of clients. When not talking business, Joe enjoys reading, exercising, bad 1980’s action movies, and quality time with his family!
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