All Big Businesses Start Small: Platte Valley Auto

Microsoft and Apple started in garages, and Facebook started in a dorm room.

Meanwhile, Dorothy Lynch started selling her famous salad dressing at a Legion Hall in St. Paul, Nebraska. Todd Booth began his successful automotive business by working in the wash bay at a local car dealership after he graduated from high school.

While GROW Nebraska businesses haven’t reached the magnitude of Facebook, Apple and Microsoft, many have grown from small businesses to successful enterprises that are continually increasing sales, creating jobs and bringing Nebraska to the world.

GROW Nebraska members Dorothy Lynch, Jayhawk Boxes, Baker’s Candies, Platte Valley Auto and Fat Boy BBQ are all successful businesses that started small and have grown tremendously in the past few decades.

Success didn’t happen overnight for these small-town Nebraska businesses. From creating quality products to treating customers well and keeping up with technology, each business has created its own unique path to prosperity. And, for many, GROW Nebraska has played a part in their success.

Platte Valley Auto

-Kearney and Lexington, NE

Todd Booth, the owner of Platte Valley Auto, started in the car business in the wash bay at the local car dealership in Lexington after graduating from high school. He worked his way up through the business becoming a salesman and then an owner.

Booth purchased the business from its owners in 2009 after they retired. Six years ago, he purchased a Ford dealership in Kearney. And, last year he purchased Heartland Chevrolet in Lexington.

Today, Booth’s business consists of Platte Valley Auto in Lexington (400 N. Jefferson St.), Platte Valley Auto in Kearney (4210 2nd Ave.) and Heartland Chevy Buick in Lexington (1111 Plum Creek Pkwy.)

The business sells new Dodge, Jeep, Buick, Chevrolet, Ford, Chrysler and Ram vehicles along with used and pre-owned vehicles, which gives customers a large inventory to choose from.

“The ability to continue to grow has been tremendously rewarding to us,” Booth said.

The business employs close to 80 people, and they take pride in providing excellent customer service and giving back to the communities where they do business.

“We take exceptionally good care of our customers with loaner car service, pick-up and delivery, and late-night service,” Booth said. “We just go the extra mile to be sure people are taken care of.”

They also get involved and give to local foundations, organizations, schools, libraries and other special projects.

“We try to be involved to be sure our communities stay stable and continue to grow,” Booth said.

Platte Valley Auto also believes in supporting organizations like GROW Nebraska, where the business has been a member for several years.

“GROW helps us continue to promote and grow our business and sends customers our way that we wouldn’t normally see without them,” Booth said. “We are also excited about opportunities to promote GROW Nebraska.”

For more information about Platte Valley Auto, click here. 

Story by Kristine Jacobson, GROW Nebraska member and owner of KRJ Public Relations, a business that helps non-profits and businesses tell their stories and gain momentum through blogs, newsletters, annual reports, social media and other publications.

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