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Five years ago, Dennis Schuett discovered the benefits of cooking with duck fat.

It’s lower in saturated fat than some other cooking oils and fats, has good health properties and gives amazing flavor to anything from vegetables and eggs to brisket and pork loin.

“It imparts a very savory flavor,” he said. “I like to say it makes good food better.”

That discovery launched Dennis down a path that led to the creation of the world’s only Gourmet Duck Fat Cooking Oil Spray.

“Come to find out, all the gourmets have been using duck fat for years,” Dennis said. They used the duck fat in its original fat form to fry French fries, rub on meats before smoking and to cook pastries.

“I thought since it was such a great product, wouldn’t it be great to put it into a spray,” Dennis said.

Dennis and his business partner, Roger Brodersen, conducted extensive research, purchased equipment and found a USDA-inspected co-packer to start producing the first duck fat spray.  The duck fat is contained within a bag inside the spray can, and it’s forced out with clean compressed air instead of propellants.

Dennis, a Grand Island native who owns cafes in Omaha and has extensive experience in the grocery industry, used his business background to promote the new product to retailers around the state and Midwest.

He also joined GROW Nebraska to help market his product.

“GROW Nebraska was wonderful,” Dennis said. “They really helped me get a foot hold in Nebraska and beyond that because of their online visibility and the different platforms they brought my product to. They were a bit like my daycare in the beginning, helping me really get established and get some credibility and some real-time consumer feedback.”

Now, after just three years, Duck Fat spray is sold in all 48 states and is popular for people on Keto or Paleo diets and among those competing in BBQ and steak competitions.

“It’s been really wonderful,” Dennis said. “We pick up new accounts every week. We are in all 48 states. Our store counts, which was in the hundreds a year ago, is now well into the thousands.”

Duck Fat spray is the first product for Dennis and Roger’s business, officially called Cornhusker Kitchen. They also sell tubs of duck fat. They hope to develop new products in the future and continue to grow the visibility and popularity of Duck Fat spray.

Duck Fat cooking oil spray is available on all three of GROW Nebraska’s buying platforms: Buy Nebraska, Ebay and Amazon. For more information or to purchase Duck Fat cooking oil spray, visit

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