Documentary on Robber’s Cave in Lincoln, NE now in post production

LINCOLN, NEB. — A documentary is currently in postproduction on Robber’s Cave after a recent filming in Nebraska by Patton Productions of Knoxville, Tenn.

The documentary is based on the book Robber’s Cave: Truths, Legends, Recollections by Joel Green, author/historian/tour guide. Green’s book won a Nebraska Book Award for Nonfiction in 2019.

Robber’s Cave is owned by Sam Manzitto of Robber’s Cave, LLC and has been a GROW Nebraska member since 2020.

Narrated By

Emmy-winning television personality, comedian, and former talk show host Dick Cavett will be the voice of the Robber’s Cave Documentary.

Cavett’s familiarity of the cave spans back to his childhood growing up in the Lincoln, Nebraska, area. He revisited the cave in 2017 upon an invitation from Joel Green. Green personalized the visit as their host, driver, and private tour guide.


The cave’s story is also told through a series of in-depth interviews that includes an acknowledgement from broadcast communications pioneer and legend Ron Hull of NET Public Broadcasting.

Through interviews with the owner, author, historians, investigators, geologists, scientists, architects, and visitors, Robber’s Cave will follow the journey from the cave’s origin and lore to Nationally Registered Historic Place and present-day popular tourist attraction.

Green’s tours of the sandstone tunnels have helped establish Robber’s Cave as a 2020 Nebraska Outstanding Tourist Attraction finalist.

Airing On

Where might you expect to see the Robber’s Cave Documentary? At this time, we have a few preferred platforms both streaming and traditional broadcast, but have not yet chosen a final delivery network for airing.

The project will be pitched to HGTV, Discovery Channel, Netflix, and History Channel. Once a network has been selected, Robber’s Cave intends to do another press release with more information.

In addition, a premier of the film is to be held in Lincoln at Robber’s Cave.

Documentary Location

Robber’s Cave is a 5,600 square foot sandstone structure located 3-4 stories underground with a rich history of over 150 years. The cave is adorned with a multitude of carvings as a result of its social gatherings and local folklore that includes the infamous Jesse James.

This cave is a time capsule recognized as a National Historic Landmark and recently added to the National Register of Historic Places – UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR.

Production Team

Owner and Director Daniel Patton – Patton Productions assembled his partners for the creation of the Robber’s Cave Documentary to include:

  • Producer Jim Johnson – Jim Johnson Productions
  • Director of Picture (DP) Jacob James Dean – DF Production Services, LLC.
  • 1st Assistant Camera (1st AC) Christopher Frith – Intempest
  • Production Manager Kayla Ingle – DF Production Services, LLC.
  • Assistant Producer / Script Supervisor Tabatha Breeden
  • Drone Operator David Morgan – Davino Photography

Intellectual Partner

Patton Productions worked closely with Joel Green, a Lincoln, Nebraska native, optioning his book as a basis for the documentary.

Green played an integral part of the documentary’s development providing constant support to the entire film crew with invaluable information, interview contacts, and historical resources. Green, a middle school teacher and a Robber’s Cave tour guide, took personal leave to assist in co-producing the project during the entire production process.

Nine-year-old and third-grader, Brooklyn Green, Joel’s daughter, is both interviewed and featured in the documentary. She hopes to someday follow in her father’s footsteps and write a cave book of her own.

Funding Partner

Owner of the Robber’s Cave LLC., which encompasses the property above the cave as well as the below-ground cave, Sam Manzitto is also an Executive Producer of the Robber’s Cave Documentary.

The cave began its history in 1869 as a brewery and Manzitto was the developer for a modern brewery in 2015 before the property changed to an event venue for private parties, corporate events, and weddings. Both Manzitto and Green were integral in the production process throughout filming the Robber’s Cave Documentary.

This is a press release from Robber’s Cave, LLC.

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