Nature’s Coffee Kettle

9 years ago, the idea for Nature’s Coffee Kettle was born on a family roadtrip. Matt Hudstedt pitched his idea to a few contacts, but nobody bit. So he created it himself. Thanks to his experience in the printing and the flexible packaging industry, he was able to design his revolutionary brew-in-a-reusable-bag coffee to offer gourmet coffee at anytime.  Friends and family tested it on hiking and hunting trips, and soon, they were ready to launch.

Kennedy, Matt’s daughter, took over marketing and realized what a challenge it was, despite getting lots of positive feedback at trade shows. Their unique selling point is clear though: they are not the clunky French press; this kettle can be folded, put in a bag, and brews multiple pots of fresh coffee without creating excessive waste. Raising awareness is their biggest current challenge, so they joined GROW Nebraska for online sales, store presence, visibility at the Nebraska State Fair, and marketing training.

Nature’s Coffee Kettle has created 2 jobs and expanded income for other employees. They have grown their business in Nebraska, and the Hudstedt’s hope to expand their reach in other states in the next few years. They are continuing to innovate and build awareness. Learn more about Nature’s Coffee Kettle.

“We appreciate what you [GROW Nebraska] do for us, and the partnership is super important to Nature’s Coffee Kettle. We’re all about working with local people. Since we are right here in the heartland, it just makes it all the better for people to see that we, as Nature’s Coffee Kettle, supports what Nebraska is.” – Kennedy Hudstedt

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