Preferred Popcorn

“We have been blessed enough to export our popcorn all around the world — 70 countries.” – Norm Krug

When Preferred Popcorn started out, they had 3 employees in Chapman, Nebraska. Now, they have over 80 employees who raise popcorn in 10 states. And it’s all thanks to thinking outside of the box – or rather, thinking outside of the country.

When identifying markets, Preferred Popcorn recognized that competition is high in Nebraska with numerous popcorn producers. In other countries though, like China, moviegoers are just beginning to adopt this delicious snack food. Demand is growing rapidly. Thanks to their forward thinking attitude, Preferred Popcorn is making sure they reach international markets first, and their successful efforts have been recognized by the Department of Economic Development and the Governor.

Customers within the states can still get Preferred Popcorn. They love promoting locally and would love to increase their market share within the states. That’s why their popcorn is available at GROW Nebraska retail training centers and on GROW Nebraska’s, eBay, and Amazon stores. They’ve also been featured on NTV and continue to raise awareness here. Learn more about Preferred Popcorn.

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