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“Our company is successful because we work hard to achieve a good reputation and we pride ourselves on a strong work ethic,” – Josh Rookstool, director of sales

America was built on innovation and hard work, and at Sunheat International, this dream thrives. They believe in quality, and they believe in American manufacturing, keeping and creating jobs in the United States. For example, their infrared heaters are hand built in Central City and Grand Island, with materials coming from another midwest facility. They believe in working with independent store owners for distribution too. Learn more about Sunheat International here.

As American consumers focus more and more on low prices, Sunheat International has faced branding challenges to position themselves so that consumers understand the incredible value behind their products. But through their dedication to educating the consumer, both online and in-person at events like the Nebraska State Fair, Sunheat International continues to grow. Read More >>

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