Are You Using Google to the Fullest Potential? | GROW Nebraska’s® FREE Online Training

Are You Using Google to the Fullest Potential? | GROW Nebraska’s® FREE Online Training

GROW Nebraska’s® FREE Online Training

Are You Using Google to the Fullest Potential?


A presentation that encourages the use of really Google’s inexpensive tools to make a big impact. We will talk about how Google My Business impacts your local SEO. We will talk about how an organization can advertise for as little as 2.00/day on Google Ads. And we will talk about how all of Google’s products work together to increase brand awareness.

Key Takeaways Include:

-How to make Google My Business work for you.
-Google Ads: Small Budget: Big Impact
-How Google ties it all together.

    Meet The Presenter | Kristy Knapp of Hollman Media

    Born and raised in Nebraska. I have been working in the graphic arts/marketing industry for nearly 20 years. I am skilled in graphic design, web design, illustration, photography, and copy writing/editing. I have worked with clients across this great nation and served on national boards. But Nebraska is my home and everyone should see its beauty.


    GROW’s Newest Training Focuses on Google Maps Listing

    GROW’s Newest Training Focuses on Google Maps Listing

    GROW’s Newest Training Focuses on Google Maps Listing

    Sayler Screenprinting Leads the Way on Getting 5-Star Reviews.

    It’s no secret that 5-star reviews on Google are great business builders.

    Take it from Kyle Sayler, owner of Sayler Screenprinting in downtown Kearney (1923 Central Ave.).

    Sayler’s business, which moved to downtown Kearney in 2015, has garnered 117 five-star reviews on Google.

    Here’s one example from four months ago:

    “Sayler Screenprinting has done a lot of work for us for a while and (the) workmanship is great, and (they) are always willing to handle all of our unusual requests. They meet our deadlines, allow us to have our online store for online ordering and payments. Always have great ideas and design. I highly recommend Sayler Screenprinting and please feel free to use my name as who recommended you to them.” (Rick Buerer)

    Kyle said he appreciates the great reviews and knows that it helps his business.

    “Whenever you are researching a purchase or business, you always look for the ones with the most stars,” he said. “You rely on other people. If everyone else likes them, it makes your decision easier.”

    Research shows that 91 percent of people read online reviews before making a purchase.

    Kyle said he does encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews, but he said his business’s great customer service is what he believes had led to his success in business and on Google.

    “I really do think it’s the service through and through,” Kyle said. “Customers are really getting what they are wanting. Everything is quick and easy.”

    Kyle started his business part-time in 2008 in his garage while he was still working as a designer at The Buckle. It’s now his full-time business, and he employs 9 full-time and 6 part-time employees.

    With more than 20 custom orders each day, Kyle said satisfied customers and positive reviews on Google are crucial to his business.

    “It’s very important,” Kyle said. “It’s what makes us stick out the most.”

    In December, GROW Nebraska started offering Google My Business trainings to help more business owners harness the power of Google and use it to its fullest potential to attract positive reviews and new customers.

    The Google My Business Training will focus on Google maps, how to add or change store hours and locations and how to add or change pictures. The training will also include instructions on adding products and other fun features on Google.

    Jessie Harris, Marketing and Business Development Director for GROW, said GROW is offering this training to help business owners improve their chances of being found online and to legitimize their business to consumers.

    “Google Maps is important for businesses because it helps them garner reviews, showcase their place of business, their products and their services,” Jessie said. “Consumers are more likely to visit a business that has photos on their Google Maps. Google Maps helps boost your SEO in local areas to help be found on page one of Google search.”

    The training is offered FREE to GROW members. It will be offered on Tuesdays from Noon-1 p.m. with the option to set up an alternate time. Members can register for the training on GROW Nebraska’s webpage under the trainings tab.

    Jessie said the training is relevant to business owners who have varying levels of Google knowledge.

    “It will be helpful whether you need to set it up from scratch or whether you just want tips and tricks to make your Google Maps more engaging,” Jessie said.

    This training is made possible through grants and donations to GROW Nebraska, which is a 501 (c)(3) organization. Every gift to GROW helps a Nebraskan.

    For more information about Sayler Screenprinting, visit the businesses’s GROW page.

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