Simplify Holiday Shopping with GROW Nebraska Gift Boxes

Simplify Holiday Shopping with GROW Nebraska Gift Boxes

Simplify Holiday Shopping with

GROW Nebraska Gift Boxes

Whether your holiday shopping list includes family, friends, neighbors or business clients, there’s something for everyone at GROW Nebraska®. And, purchasing themed gift baskets from GROW or its members makes your shopping convenient and shows your support of entrepreneurs across the state.

GROW Nebraska® gift boxes or baskets can be ordered in any price range from $20 to $150+ and can include any of more than 3,500 GROW Nebraska® products from soaps and lotions to popcorn and t-shirts. You can design your own package, including the container or box. Or, if that seems too overwhelming, the GROW Nebraska® staff are happy to give suggestions and design the package for you.

Last year and again this year, GROW Nebraska® has the new option to personalize gift boxes (through Jayhawk Boxes) and can customize boxes with company logos and/or receivers’ names.

And while gift box orders increase during the holiday season, any time of year is a great time for made-in-Nebraska gifts.

Lincoln Realtor Johanna Rhoads, ReMAX Real Estate Concepts, wanted a more unique gift to give to her real estate clients this year.

Her husband, Adam, manages the non-profit organization Mystic Rhoads Productions Inc. and is a member of GROW Nebraska. He sells products like Jamaican Jerk Seasoning and Dirt Nap Dip Habanero Pepper Sauce to raise money for community causes.

“My wife always gives a gift to her clients,” Adam said. “The gifts were run-of-the-mill gifts from corporate businesses, and she asked me if I would come up with a more creative and personal gift to give to clients. We decided to put together themed baskets that feature Nebraska-made products.”

They chose three themes – coffee, wine and kitchen – and grouped items together to create unique gifts. The coffee basket includes handmade coffee cups made in Lincoln, corn tea (GROW member), a gift card to a local coffee shop and locally made toffee. The kitchen basket includes a Nebraska-shaped cutting board made in Lincoln, Mystic Rhoads Productions hot sauces and seasonings (GROW member) and Duck Fat Cooking Spray (GROW member). The wine basket includes a bottle of wine, RCK Creations wine glasses (GROW member), Mystic Rhoads Productions seasonings (GROW member) and locally made toffee.

Adam said Johanna has given out nearly 50 baskets this year, and they have been well received.

Other GROW Nebraska members, such as The Basket Case in Kearney and the From Nebraska Gift Store in Lincoln’s historic Haymarket also offer gift-basket services for holidays or other occasions.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, it’s important to order gift boxes soon. One customer has already pre-ordered 150 Nebraska-product gift boxes, so the store will be busy with gift boxes throughout the holiday season!

To order gift baskets:

From GROW Nebraska: or call the store at (308) 338-3520 or email

The Basket Case:

From Nebraska Gift Store:

“By buying with GROW, the majority of each sale goes directly back into the pocket of entrepreneurs in our very own state,” said GROW’s Executive Director Janell Anderson Ehrke. “When you buy local, you are helping dreams come true for your neighbors. There’s no better gift than that!”

GROW Nebraska® Foundation is a statewide non-profit training and marketing organization. Serving over 400 Nebraska small businesses, the organization provides marketing opportunities, education, and training to launch and connect Nebraska businesses to the global marketplace. GROW Nebraska’s educational programs receive federal and state funding, along with generous support from foundations and individual donors.

New Partnership Gives GROW Members Space at Event

New Partnership Gives GROW Members Space at Event

New Partnership Gives GROW Members Space at Event

A new partnership between Lincoln’s From Nebraska Gift Shop and GROW Nebraska allows members a free opportunity to reach hundreds of farmer’s market customers.

Barbara Ballard, owner of the From Nebraska store in Lincoln’s Historic Haymarket, invites GROW Nebraska members to sample and sell food products on a Saturday morning during the Lincoln Historic Haymarket Farmer’s Market.

It’s a great opportunity for business owners to test the waters on products. As a bonus, if sales are brisk, products may be sold from the shelves of the From Nebraska Gift Shop.

That’s what already happened with Herbal Gatherings mustard, a Lincoln-based company that offered tastings one Saturday.

“Depending on sales, we’ll decide if we will stock it,” Barbara said. “We try not to have 12 different kinds of salsa and 12 different kinds of mustard on our shelves. We try to be selective and put the finest products Nebraska has to offer.”

In addition, she looks for products with attractive packaging, a long shelf life and the ability to be quickly restocked. Products must also be manufactured or produced in Nebraska.

Barbara said she’d like to encourage at least two or maybe three businesses to offer tastings each week at the farmer’s market through October. Businesses will be offered space on the store’s outdoor dock at 803 Q Street to gain the most exposure. Owners must commit to being there and offering samples between 9 a.m. and noon or until the crowds thin down.

Between 300 and 600 customers will stop by the store during the farmer’s market to sample foods, cool off inside the store or enjoy wine slushies, Barbara said.

She recommends creating a unique display to go along with the tastings.

“We really encourage folks to have some kind of signage that tells about them,” she said. “People love a story. Tell your story in signage because you will have a little bit of a line.”

Barbara said From Nebraska will be expanding in January, and the farmer’s market opportunity reflects the new business model.

“Instead of just having a space on our shelves, you will have an opportunity to have your own display or kiosk,” she said.

To sign up for an opportunity to sell and sample at the From Nebraska Gift Shop during the farmer’s market, please complete the application here:

All products sold during the Saturday events will be rang up by the From Nebraska Gift Shop register, and GROW Nebraska members will be paid wholesale price.

For more information about the From Nebraska Gift Shop, please visit the store’s GROW Nebraska member page.