Embarking on a Digital Journey: Welcome to Our Revamped GROW Nebraska® Website!

GROW Nebraska® is pleased to share that we have revamped our website! As we all know in the digital world, things are always changing and evolving! You will find our website is more user friendly, as well as esthetically appeasing! GROW Nebraska® used Control Yours, a member, to help guide us through the process.  

There is a myriad of reasons why businesses and nonprofits should consider redesigning their website, but they boil down to the following:

  1. Does your website look and function the way you want it to?
  2. Is your website robust and healthy under the hood (what people don’t see) and not all ‘bandaged together’ like a rusty muffler, strung up with twine and antiquated code? (If a website isn’t healthy, it runs slowly, and even making little edits can be difficult)

At Control Yours, we recommend that you consider a site redesign every 5 years. We were thrilled when Janell and the GROW Nebraska® team reached out to us and asked us to rebuild their website!

We started on the GROW Nebraska® project with a strategic site map to cut back on duplicate pages and a confusing flow. We rewrote the copy to make it more engaging and added helpful CTAs (calls-to-action) on each page of the site, so visitors could navigate quickly and take meaningful action. Our incredible designer, Matt, freshened up the visual appeal of the site while still utilizing GROW Nebraska’s® logo and brand colors. Finally, our brainiac developers wrote the code to make it all happen—pages, forms, links, text, buttons, images, videos… phew! 😅And the result is what you see before you today: grownebraska.org. 🙌

Janell and her team were a joy to work with—and we are so pleased with the result!

We all know the way we present ourselves to the public and each other is incredibly important. Keeping current on trends as well as what your audience wants to see are key! GROW Nebraska® is thrilled with the outcome of our revamped site!  

Here is a great resource to learn more: https://controlyours.com/your-website-has-an-expiration-date-when-is-it-time-to-redesign/.

The GROW Nebraska® Foundation was founded with the idea of expanding resources to businesses and entrepreneurs alike to make a sustainable living anywhere within the state of Nebraska. As a 501(c) 3 educational foundation, the GROW Nebraska® Foundation was founded in 1998 and now works to extend resources, training, a brick and mortar store, as well as an eCommerce site full of Nebraska products to help elevate Nebraska-based businesses and connect Nebraska entrepreneurs to the global marketplace. Support or join GROW Nebraska® Foundation’s efforts by visiting www.grownebraska.org.  

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