Bianchi Candles Expands in New Nebraska Game and Parks Candle Line

Bianchi Candles Expands in New Nebraska Game and Parks Candle Line

Not many success stories start at twelve years old, but for Nic Bianchi that’s exactly when it all began. He got a candle making kit for his birthday and only grew from there. He started a couple of lines of candles, Bianchi Candle Company, and Yes You Candle.

Nic continues to grow his line with a mutual GROW Nebraska® member, Nebraska Game and Parks, who collaborated with Bianchi Candles on an outdoor citronella candle. Nic states, “When the opportunity arose for us to work with Nebraska Game and Parks it was a no brainer to proceed. They work so hard to bring people out in nature and conserve the parts of our state that make Nebraska living, the good life.”

This line is under their customizable line. It is called the Lavender Eucalyptus Citronella Game and Parks Candle. Customizable lines like this require a little information from the buyer. Nic states, “We strive to make sure that every custom candle project we work on is completely unique to the person or company we are partnered with. This begins with a design meeting to talk through ideas and match your vision with something we can bring to life.”

Margot DesRocher from Nebraska Game and Parks states, “The process was collaborative and easy. We were able to sample different scent components ultimately deciding on a Lavender Eucalyptus in addition to the citronella, which are both lovely scents with the added bonus of insect repelling properties. Once we decided on the scent and designed our packaging it was a quick turnaround to get our inventory and we couldn’t be more pleased with the final product.”

They hand pour every candle in their factory in Omaha. When you order custom candles, you get final approval of the line. What your design is and more. Nic states “Often custom candles are used as client or employee gifts, and we truly get to see how much thought the leaders in our community put into showing their appreciation.”

The candles are a complement to enjoying the outdoors with a wonderful crackling wood wick and natural insect repelling properties. Margot states, “In addition to supporting Bianchi Candle Company, a homegrown Nebraska business, the proceeds from the sales will go to the parks’ fund for improvement projects, including improved infrastructure, new amenities, and added accessibility.”

Nic has been a member of GROW Nebraska® for a little over a year, he states, “GROW Nebraska® has helped us with spreading the word about Bianchi Candle Co. We have seen many great partnerships and connections come from our relationship with GROW Nebraska®. We are very excited to continue this amazing partnership as our companies grow together.”

This is not the first project Nebraska Game and Parks has worked with GROW Nebraska® on, they also worked with several other businesses last year to make their first ever centennial line of merchandise to celebrate 100 years of the establishment of the first ever state park being open in Nebraska. This included t-shirts, magnets, stickers, tumblers, and more. GROW Nebraska® could not be more grateful for both partnerships, and all the businesses who have participated to make this whole line possible!

 By Katee Daly 

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