Show Out-Of-Towners What Nebraska Has to Offer By Becoming a Harvest Hosts Location

A key aspect of Nebraska Tourism is people passing through the state on a road trip. But Nebraska is so much more than a flyover or drive-thru state. Nebraska has beautiful nature, friendly faces, and genuine Midwestern hospitality. There is something for everyone to love in Nebraska.

As a business owner, becoming a tourist stop for out-of-towners on their drive through Nebraska allows your business to influence peoples’ perspectives on Nebraska. You have the power to show them how great Nebraska can be.

Harvest Hosts is one way to make your business a tourist landmark. Harvest Hosts is a network of small businesses throughout North America that offer RVers a space to park for the night. By becoming a Host, you agree to allow RVers in your business’s parking lot. In return, your business gets recommended to Harvest Hosts Members, who will visit and patronize your business. 

Harvest Hosts has over 5,000 Hosts in North America, including farms, breweries, and wineries. Three of the top Harvest Hosts locations in Nebraska are Pals Brewing Company in North Platte, Mac’s Creek Winery in Lexington, and Speedway Motors Museum of American Speed in Lincoln. Keep reading to learn more about their history with Harvest Hosts.

Pals Brewing Company – North Platte, NE

Pals Brewing Company is a renowned family-owned and operated brewery that’s been delivering great beer to the Great Plains for over 80 years. They are one of the most popular Hosts on Harvest Hosts and they are the most popular Host in Nebraska. Since they became a Harvest Hosts location 3 years ago, they’ve welcomed over 700 RVers to spend the night, including a former member of the Grateful Dead! The owners of Pals love hearing people’s travel stories and Harvest Hosts Members love the food, beer, and hospitality at Pals!

Mac’s Creek Winery – Lexington, NE

Mac’s Creek Winery is one of Nebraska’s oldest wineries, known for its beautiful vineyard and outdoor space. They have hosted Harvest Hosts Members for almost 8 years. In that time, over 400 Harvest Hosts Members have stayed here and have enjoyed Mac’s Creek’s serene outdoor space with a high-quality glass of wine in hand.

Speedway Motors Museum of American Speed

This museum is a hidden gem just a short distance from downtown Lincoln. The Speedway Motors Museum is a 150,000-square-foot museum dedicated to preserving, interpreting, and displaying significant moments in racing and automotive history. They first became hosts around five years ago and have opened their doors to over 130 Harvest Hosts Members, who appreciate the unique exhibitions of this museum.

Become a Host Location 

Becoming a Harvest Hosts location is a cost-free opportunity for businesses to share their offerings with Harvest Hosts Members by simply opening up space for an overnight stay. By becoming a Host Location, your business becomes a part of hundreds of people’s travel stories, and your business and your hospitality can spark a love for Nebraska and make people want to come again and again.
Learn more about Harvest Hosts and sign up to become a host location here.

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